Synaptic Mishap

Increased Profits for Accounting Firms

Automate the drudgery

You know the story - you spend hours manually copying and pasting Excel cells from one sheet to another.

You remember the days when the promise of computers was they would actually save us time. So much for that.

I'll make you tools and workflows to automate your workflows and save all this wasted time.

No techie bullshit - let's all speak English

"I need to SSH into the PHP server to deliver some CSS from the Cloudfronted server over HTTPS." Huh?

English - it's that mother tongue we all know and love. Let's use it! I can train your staff in plain English.

Help me to help you

Is there a series of manual steps in your accounting firm that you'd like to automate away?

Can you not bear the thought of all that wasted time and money any more?

Well, come on down and say hello!